Why should I hire a trademark attorney?

There are plenty of online trademark services that offer cheap trademark registration, but read the reviews and you’ll find out that they often end up costing brands tons of money in the long run. That’s because many of these businesses are not run by licensed attorneys and only perform direct-hit searches. These types of searches can miss tons of similar marks that could prevent or delay your registration. You should always hire a licensed attorney that focuses on trademarks to get the best protection for your brand.

How much does a trademark attorney cost?

Each client’s brand is different and may require different services. Thus, the prices for our trademark services will be customized for each client. However, the cost of registration is almost always cheaper than the legal fees if you end up in a trademark or name use dispute. It is much better to spend a little money now than a lot more in the future. Call us today to discuss how we can help your brand and what the costs will be.

When should I contact a trademark attorney?

You should contact a licensed trademark attorney before you even start your brand. This way you can make sure your brand name or business name is available to trademark. However, you may still be able file for trademark protection even if your business has been open for years. Contact trademark attorney Brittany Thompson as soon as possible to get started protecting your brand.

What kinds of things can be trademarked?

The most commonly trademark items are business names, brand names, logos, and slogans. Trademarks can either be registered as word marks or design marks. Word marks are used for business names, brand names and slogans. Design marks are used for logos and other similar creative designs.

What are the benefits of trademark registration?

Federal trademark registration through the USPTO provides notice to other businesses that your mark is federally protected. This registration also provides official documentation of the ownership of your mark(s). In addition, you will receive the legal presumption of ownership which is extremely helpful if you ever end up in a name dispute.

What are office actions?

Office actions are letters sent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in regards to your trademark application. These letters may ask for more information or clarification about your trademark. Office actions can be tens of pages long and contain complex legal jargon and case law. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced trademark attorney to help you respond to these actions.

How is your law firm different from other trademark law firms?

First and foremost, trademark law is our main area of practice. Many business law firms offer trademark services on the side, not giving them the time or dedication they truly deserve. In addition, we treat our clients like the Very Important Brand's they are.

What other services do you offer?

Although trademark law is our main focus, we also offer other business law services like LLC formations and contract drafting and negociations.

How long does trademark registration take?

This answer varies for each application. The timing will depend on whether the business is already operating, how fast the client is able to gather all of the necessary information, the current processing times at the USPTO, whether there are any office actions, and several other factors. Many applications can take 6 months or longer if there are any office actions or other snags along the way. Don’t delay, contact Your Brand’s Law Firm today to get the process started.

If you are looking for a boutique business &   trademark law firm, look no further than Brittany Thompson and Your Brand’s Law Firm. Our law firm is changing the way entrepreneurs protect their brands by offering a modern, sophisticated approach to intellectual property and business law. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started. We look forward to helping your business thrive!


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