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Your Brand's Law Firm offers complete trademark services including trademark registration, office action responses, trademark watch services, and more. Trademarks are one of the three main categories of intellectual property law. The others are copyright and patent law. All three areas of IP are integral to a successful company in their own way. Trademarks are a way to protect your business name, brand name, logo, and taglines.

Trademark Services

Trademark Searches

Before you file for trademark protection, you will need to complete a trademark search to determine if your mark is available for registration and whether any other registered trademarks pose a threat to registration.

Trademark Registration

When you are ready to take the plunge on protecting your VIB (Very Important Brand), we can help with trademark registration. Our attorney will help understand your business and determine the best classes and descriptions for filing.

Office Action Responses

Requests for more information or clarification from the USPTO are called office actions. Responding to these office actions can be complicated and require extensive research. Let our trademark attorney take care of these responses for you. Even if you filed your mark with another trademark service, we may still be able to help.

Cease and Desist Letters

If someone else is using your trademark, you may need to send a cease and desist letter. Or maybe you received one of these letters from another business. Your Brand’s Law Firm can help send and defend cease and desist letters.

Trademark Watch Service

After your mark has been registered, you have a duty to "police your mark." This means that you have to be on the lookout for potential infringers and counterfeiters. We use proven software to keep tabs on your trademark and notify you as soon as we see something out of the ordinary.

Do I Need To Hire A Trademark Attorney?

Hiring a trademark attorney highly recommended for both new and existing businesses. Only a licensed trademark lawyer knows the law surrounding your brand inside and out. Many online trademark registration sites are run by non-attorneys and can often end up costing you thousands more in the long term.

A US-licensed trademark attorney like Brittany Thompson will work with you to understand your brand's strengths and weaknesses. You will also receive advice on the best ways to move forward in order to best protect your business and your brand.  You should consult with a trademark lawyer as soon as you begin planning your business to make sure that your potential brand name is registrable and available.

Why Hire Your Brand's Law Firm?

If you are looking for the total package for your VIB, Your Brand's Law Firm is the best choice. We provide unbeatable service to our trademark and intellectual property law clients every step of the way. You put your heart and soul into your business and we want to watch you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. With Your Brand's Law Firm, you won't get a stuffy law office full of musty legal books and dust.


Each one of our clients is treated like a VIB from the moment they first contact us. We've created a modern upscale trademark law firm that understands the business models of modern entrepreneurs and helps them plan accordingly.

If you are ready to protect your brand, request a call with Attorney Brittany Thompson today. We can't wait to meet you!


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